Arris modem lights on but no internet
Arris modem lights on but no internet

Arris Modem Lights On But No Internet: Meaning and Problem

Accessing the internet can be a complex task, requiring a wide range of connectivity devices. These devices, commonly referred to as modems, play a crucial role in facilitating internet exploration. One prominent provider of such products, including modems and routers, is Arris, a well-established telecommunications firm.

The modem’s various colored lights serve the purpose of indicating the status of your network connection. In the event of any network issues, these lights will blink or display different colors, depending on the specific problem at hand.

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Arris is a global company that achieved a revenue of over $5.3 billion in FY2014. With a customer base spanning over 1,000 clients across 84 countries, both directly and indirectly, Arris holds a significant presence in the international market. Additionally, the company boasts an impressive portfolio of over 2,000 granted or pending patents. With their headquarters situated in Suwanee, GA, USA, Arris employs approximately 6,500 individuals dedicated to ensuring that consumers worldwide can fully enjoy their internet usage.

Understanding Arris Modem Lights

Arris modems come equipped with several lights that indicate the status of your network connection. These lights can range from 4 to 9, depending on the specific model. The lights serve as a helpful tool to troubleshoot any Wi-Fi issues you may encounter.

Power Light

The Power light on your Arris modem is a standard indicator that shows whether the modem is receiving sufficient power to operate. When functioning properly, the Power light will be solid green, indicating that the modem is ready to provide network conn

ectivity. However, if the Power light is blinking, it means that the modem is in the process of establishing a stable connection. In such cases, it is advisable to wait for a few seconds until the light turns solid green before proceeding.

Receiver Light

Also referred to as “DS” or “Download Stream,” the Receiver light signifies that your modem is successfully receiving data packets for internet connectivity. If your modem supports multiple bandwidths, such as 2.4GHz or 5GHz, the color of the Receiver light may change accordingly. A blue light indicates that signals are being received on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, while a green light suggests that only one band is receiving a signal.

Sender Light

The Sender light, also known as “US” or “Upload Speed,” indicates that your modem is effectively sending a signal from your connection. A blue light implies that data is being sent on both bands, while a green light suggests that only one band is transmitting data.

Online Light

Arris modem lights on but no internet

The Online light confirms that your modem is connected to the internet and ready for use. When this light turns green, it signifies a successful internet connection. However, if the light is not green or is blinking, it is recommended to troubleshoot or reset your modem to resolve any connectivity issues.

2.4GHz Light

When the 2.4GHz light is green, it indicates that the 2.4GHz band of your modem is connected to the internet.

5GHz Light

A green 5GHz light indicates that the 5GHz band of your modem is connected to the internet.

Link Light (Only on Some Models)

The Link light blinks rapidly when data is being transmitted (uploaded or downloaded) over your connection. If the Link light is yellow, it suggests a problem with your cable. However, if everything is functioning properly, the light will turn green.

Phone/Line Light (Only on Some Models)

The Phone/Line light provides information about whether your router is connected to your phone line. Some models may include a “Line 1/Line 2” light for additional phone line connectivity.

Troubleshooting an Arris Modem

The lights on your Arris modem serve as a valuable troubleshooting tool to identify Wi-Fi issues. If your Wi-Fi is not functioning correctly, pay attention to the signals emitted by your Arris modem. Here are some scenarios and their possible solutions:

Power Light Solid Red

A solid red Power light indicates that the modem is unable to power on completely. This could be due to a malfunctioning power adapter, a loose power connector, or an internal hardware problem. If restarting or performing a hard reset does not resolve the issue, it is recommended to seek assistance from certified professionals to service the device.

arris modem flashing green light

Flashing Green Light

If the green light on your modem is flashing, exercise patience as the modem initiates. However, if the blinking persists for more than five minutes, unplug the modem and attempt to turn it on again.

Blinking Receive Light

In the case of a dual-band connection, if only the green receive light is consistently flickering, it indicates that only one of your channels is currently active. Begin by double-checking all your connections and then restart your modem. This typically resolves the issue. Additionally, you can access the admin settings to ensure that one of the two bands hasn’t unintentionally been disabled.

Blinking Send Light

Similarly, if you’re using dual-band internet and the send light is only blinking green, it signifies that upload functionality is operational on just one channel. This could be the cause of a weak connection if you intend to utilize 5GHz Wi-Fi. After confirming all your connections and rebooting your modem or router, examine your Wi-Fi settings if the problem persists.

Blinking Online Light

When the green online light is blinking, your modem is attempting to establish a connection. However, if it blinks yellow or remains solid red, the connection failed. In such cases, it is necessary to contact your internet service provider (ISP) to resolve the issue. Occasionally, this problem arises due to an incorrect MAC address. You should inquire with your ISP regarding the cause and ensure that your device’s MAC address is registered correctly.

Resolving the Blinking Lights Issue

For most Arris modems, the online light may flash during startup or when the device is in use. If it blinks during boot-up, it indicates a failed IP registration attempt. When it blinks during usage, it means the IP registration has been lost. To address this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Check both ends of the coaxial cable connectors connecting the Wi-Fi modem and the wall outlet. Tighten any loose connectors.
  2. Inspect the Ethernet cable to ensure proper connection between your computer and the cable Wi-Fi modem.
  3. Verify the quality of your cable TV service to ensure it’s functioning smoothly.
  4. Reboot the gateway to establish a fresh connection.
  5. If the online light on your Arris modem is blinking blue, it indicates that the device is searching for an internet connection. Wait for some time and retry connecting.

Arris Modem Lights Not Turning On

If the lights on your Arris modem are not turning on at all, first check if the device is properly plugged into an electrical socket. Ensure that the connection is secure. If the lights still don’t turn on, test the electric outlet to verify its functionality. If the outlet is functioning correctly but the modem remains unresponsive, it’s advisable to contact Arris’ customer support for further assistance.

Arris Modem Lights On But No Internet

If the lights on your Arris modem are on, but you’re unable to connect to the internet, try power cycling the modem by turning it off and on again. Then perform a hard reset by following these steps:

  1. Click the menu and select “Network Connections.”
  2. Choose “Change Adapter Options” and then select “Internet Protocol 4.”
  3. Click the “Properties” button and confirm your actions.

By following these steps, you can attempt to resolve the issue of your Arris modem lights being on but no internet connection being available.


Understanding the Significance of the Flickering Arris Modem Online Light

What Does the Flickering Arris Modem Online Light Mean?

Answer: When the online light on your Arris modem is blinking, it indicates that the modem is actively attempting to establish a connection with the internet.

What Does It Mean If The Receive Light On An Arris Modem Blinks?

Answer: The blinking of the receive light on your Arris modem signifies that the device is in the process of making both the near and far bands usable. This is applicable if you are using an Arris gateway instead of a standard modem.

What Should You Do If All the Arris Modem Lights Start Blinking?

Answer: In such a situation, it is recommended to wait for a few minutes to allow the Arris modem’s indicator lights to stabilize. If any of the lights, such as the blue, green, or other lights, continue to blink, exercising patience is advised.


The various colored lights on your modem serve as indicators for the status of your network connection. Each light conveys specific information depending on the network’s condition. Modems typically have between 4 to 9 lights that provide valuable troubleshooting insights, helping you identify the exact location of any Wi-Fi issues. If a light is flashing during the modem startup process, it is advisable to be patient and allow the modem to fully initialize. To address any persistent issues, it is recommended to double-check all connections and perform a modem restart. For Arris modems, the online light may flash during startup or while the device is in use. If the flashing occurs during startup, it indicates a failed IP registration attempt. In such cases, rebooting the gateway will allow the device to establish a fresh connection.